Why do I see multiple accounts and user profiles in Maisa?

If you have been granted proxy access to someone’s Maisa account, you will see also their account in addition to your own in Maisa.

You will also see multiple accounts in Maisa if you have set a denial of consent to data sharing between different registries on the MyKanta. In this case you will see different accounts for different registries in Maisa and you can choose which registry’s data you wish to view. Registry specific accounts are visible under the Switch button on the top navigation bar.

If you have prohibited the disclosure of your data in MyKanta, you can find more details about the effects of the non-disclosure in Maisa.

Why can’t I see my upcoming visit on the Maisa frontpage?

Upcoming social care and health care appointments appear on the frontpage 14 days prior to the appointment.

Upcoming visits taking place in over two weeks in the future can be viewed on the Events page.

Why don’t I receive notifications about messages or new test results?

You’ll receive Maisa notifications only if you have enabled notifications. Please check your notification settings and enable notifications.

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I received a notification of a new test result. Why can’t I see it?

When your test result is ready, you will receive a notification on the Maisa frontpage. The notification also displays the event date related to the test result. The event can be, for instance, a visit or a telephone call during which the tests have been ordered.

As a rule, test results are displayed in the Test Results section in Maisa according to the event date. If you would rather view test results according to the test date, you can use the Individual Test Results filter in the Test Results section. Please note, that when using this filter, the test result date can be different than the date marked on the frontpage notification.

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Why can’t I send a message to a certain provider or unit?

HUS, the city of Helsinki, the wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava and the city of Kauniainen have outlined which units use the Maisa message functionality and to whom you can send messages via Maisa. Contact your own social care or health care unit if needed.

Why can’t I see all of my social care and health care data and test results in Maisa?

In some cases, it might take a while before visit information and the After Visit Summary is transferred to Maisa. If your encounter data is not visible in Maisa four days later, please contact your care or service unit.

Please note that some lab and X-ray results will appear in Maisa only after a provider has gone them over with you.

All old client and patient data from the previous systems has not been transferred to the Apotti system of which Maisa is a part. For instance, your medication information will be updated during your first encounter. If needed, you will se your old health data in the MyKanta.

Why has an after visit summary been drafted for me although I haven’t visited a clinic or unit in person?

Maisa contains varied data of health care and social care entries and events. Therefore, you can see an after visit summary in Maisa even if you have not visited a care or service unit in person. This is due to the fact that Maisa visit documentation includes also, for instance, remote appointments, telephone encounters, provider entries and even consultations between providers that concern your care or services.

I have requested to see my chart. Where can I find it?

To view the client or patient chart/record you have requested, go to Menu > Document Centre.  Records are made available as PDF files and may require installing additional software to open.

If some of my information is incorrect, what should I do?

If you notice an error for instance in your After Visit Summary, please contact the care or service unit responsible for the document.

Why does an email tickler delivery fail?

Most likely you have an incorrect email address saved to your information in Maisa. If you get a message in Maisa about an email tickler delivery failure, check your email address in Menu > Personal Information. Make sure that your email address is spelled correctly and that it does not contain, for instance, the letters ä or ö. If you wish, you can leave the email address field blank, as it is not mandatory information in Maisa.

After you have changed your email address, you will receive an additional faulty error message which you can ignore.