Tips on how to use Maisa

In Maisa you can choose both the preferred communication language and the website’s language.

Your preferred communication language is the language you wish to use as patient/client in health and social care services. Your chosen communication language defines, for instance, the language in which you will receive notifications and documents. To change your preferred communication language, go to Menu > Personal Information > Details About Me.

Website language affects the Maisa menus, headers and other Maisa content. You can change the website language from the globe icon on the top navigation bar.

The language of the Maisa mobile app is the language your mobile device is set to. If the device is set to a language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, the default language of the Maisa app will be Finnish. If you wish, you can change the language by selecting Menu > Account Settings.

Language settings can be modified in the Maisa 10.7.2 application version and following versions. Android users must make sure, that they are using the Android 13 operating system version or a newer version.

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